Directions to Hunt The Rackett

Directions to Hunt The Rackett

Flying-Denver International Airport

Located 3.5 hours away from The Rackett - Google Maps Directions

Flying-Garden County Airport-Oshkosh, Nebraska

Located 24.5 miles to The Rackett - Google Maps Directions

The Garden County Airport, located south on Highway 27, has a 4,701 x 60-foot concrete, lighted runway. Two 30-foot wide taxiways and an updated nondirectional beacon (NDB) were installed in 1992 and 1993. The modern heated terminal building will hangar three mediaum-size twin aircraft or six single-engine aircraft. An eight unit nested T-hangar accomodates two twin-engine aircraft and six single-engine aircraft. The four-unit T-hangar will accomodate 4 single-engine aircraft. An EPA-approved 100-octane aviation fuel above ground refueling facility was installed in 1994. The flight lounge is open 24 hours each day.

Driving From the South

Out of Oshkosh, NE, take Main Street, to H, then it basically remains the same road although at every turn the road number does change. About 4-5 miles out of town the road will turn to dirt and remain that way for roughly ten miles as it crosses Blue Creek. About 5 miles out from The Rackett lodge, the road will change to a single paved lane. After passing Ferrel Cattle/Solar on your right, and Cresent Lake National Wildlife Refuge in your left, the Rackett lodge will be on your left in another mile. Also, you will not have cell service from Oshkosh to The Rackett.

Driving From the North

Right off Highway 2 to the South, you will see South Ashby Road which is only 2 miles East of Ashby Nebraska. From the intersection on Highway 2, The Rackett Grange and Hunting Preserve is 33.5 miles or 55 minutes. It's a paved one lane road that weaves up and down through the Sandhills. There are a few ranches on the road, so be careful going over hills oncoming vehicles. Also, you will not have cell service from Highway 2 to The Rackett.

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