October 2016 Trap Shooting Clinic

October 2016 Trap Shooting Clinic

October 2016 Trap Shooting Clinic

October 21, 2016 by

We hosted the first ever shooting clinic at The Rackett last weekend and a thanks to our Denver friends who made it out. The trap shooting clinic at The Rackett was with two time world champ and our personal club pro Richard Marshall Jr. Read more about our shooting clinics and take a look at our trap clubhouse, sporting clays course and 4 trap courses!

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Transcript of Video Below:

Rick Marshall: I’m Rick Marshall and this first clinic here at the Rackett of the new Trap Range that we did a few months ago.  So guys, what did you think of the lesson here?

Nobu Taniwaki: The club is outstanding and the staff did excellent.  I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was expecting some really big changes and realized I all I needed was a lot of small little intricate changes which made a lot of difference.

Jessie Adkins: It really was, the place itself is really just incredible.  The sandhills are gorgeous the wildlife that surrounds you at all times is amazing. To be able to have that kind a facility out in all of that is just over the top and really, really special.

Aj Zabadne: Well this clinic was very important for me, even though you’ve got your targets, you shoot the bird there are little twitches that you need to adjust.  I very much appreciate you coming in and having us do this.

Rick: Well we are fortunate here, it is up in the sandhills, beautiful country.  But with this Trap Range, it’s just set up the background is so great.  At times you are paying attention to the background vs. the targets.  And that happens, but we are fortunate out here there are not a lot of trap ranges out in this neck of the woods.  So to be able to come here, they got a lodge, a couple cabins that are seven-star.  The food is really good, the food is excellent, Billy does a  great job cooking.

AJ: It’s a beautiful package and I will make it a point to be here three or four times hopefully bringing in more people.  And again like I said the clinic is very important.  Even though you know what you are doing, there are little things out there that make you change and makes it better.
Rick: Everybody has the good fundamentals; it’s just about tweaking them.  And when I teach that’s what I do.  I don’t tear you down and build you back up; because not everybody is built the same way.  Not everybody can shoot the same way.  So I use your style and just tweak it, as you guys saw today.  It’s not big changes where it’s like, “Oh how am I going to be able to do this?”.  No, it’s little stuff that all of a sudden it's like, “Wow”!  I told you I am not worried about the target shooting, I am worried about the fundamentals and how are you moving to that target.  How are you shooting that target.  How you are looking for that target and then all of a sudden it all clicks together

AJ: And of course this beautiful club here, The Rackett Club is amazing.  It’s a seven-star facility with and excellent, excellent team.

Rick: On another note: what did you think of the Kolar Shotgun?

Jesse: “I LOVE IT!”

AJ: If only I had my checkbook with me!

Nobu: I can’t afford it, but want to buy it!

AJ: We thank Stan Baker definitely!  Thumbs Up to Stan!

Nobu: And if you haven’t been; I never thought Nebraska was going to look like this.  Amazing.  If you haven’t been you, you’ve got to check this out it’s amazing.

Rick: Stay tuned, we will be doing more clinics here.  We’re going to have some shoots out here so look for us in the future.

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